2012: A Year in Rear-View

2012…the year we had to have.

Well, we didn’t have to. I mean, some people didn’t want us to have it at all. (At least, not all of it…bloody Mayans). What do they know? Certainly nothing about making calendars, that’s for sure.

Imagine if things had ended on December 21…it would be like watching The Sixth Sense and turning it off with two minutes left to go and thinking…

“Yeah, it was okay but…I didn’t really get it?”

But for us, it was a phenomenal year. Not to mention, it was the best year of Indy’s life(and he only came in at the half way mark, around when Haley Joel Osment tells Bruce Willis, he sees dead people).

Adjusting my rear-view mirror as 2012 disappears over the horizon, I see we had the birth of our beautiful boy, the Swans won the Grand Final, I got Indy got…some gnarly signatures on my his Swans cap, I paid off my car and remain unofficially debt-free, the end of the world didn’t happen (always good to know it’s exactly where you left it, under your pillow, when you wake up in the morning), aliens didn’t invade us (and frankly, how could they? Haven’t you seen Border Security? You can’t even bring rice into the country, let alone some extra-terrestrial beings. Apparently it’s only one terrestrial being per passenger, “extras” will have to be declared, I’m afraid).

We had our first Christmas as a family, Indy had his photo in the Herald Sun…(and not in the Crime Stoppers section), and today…had his first “official gig” in the upcoming Winter Target Catalogue, (assuming they choose his picture above all of the “nowhere-near-as-cute-as-ours” kids photos. But we’re not judgey…we’ll leave that to the Judy’s and Reinholds of the world).

So, next year sees a brand new chapter with me and the lad going Mano-a-Mano, as I officially take up reigns as Stay-at-Home Dad. Which I foresee some potential pitfalls such as…

“Why didn’t you get any groceries?” or “Didn’t you take him in for his checkups?”

To which my reply…

“I couldn’t go out…I’m a Stay-At-Home Dad. I’m only doing what I’m told.”

May not hold up in a court of kick-your-ass-for-being-an-ass.

So, here’s to a spectacular year next year. Welcome 2013let the adventures continue!!

(Incidentally, 13 is my lucky number…and next year, has 20 of them…2013…don’t work it out)

Happy New Year!!!


Right On Target

While Indy was off enjoying Mother’s Group with Mumma, I was invited along by the 360 Immerse Agency, to attend a blogger event for Target Menswear. I guess, to find out exactly what my blog should be wearing this summer?

Which presented a couple questions. First of all, what’s a Blogger Event? And secondly, did I remember to empty the nappy bin this morning? Now that I’m a Dad, rarely do I have consecutive thoughts that are ever related to each other. (Who am I kidding, it’s not because I’m a Dad, it’s because I’m a man). Now, where was I? Oh yes…cheese now comes in a variety of…

Blogger Event:  a special event put on by a respective company/organisation to tout their wares and hopefully generate interest from bloggers; ie: people who write blogs…(for the cheap seats up the back), to share with their multitudes of fans (or the one or two people who don’t press ignore or delete when an update appears in their inbox)…and is NOT an arcade game showdown where you have to get across the road, avoid traffic, jump on the logs, get the fly and watch out for the alligator. That’s Frogger. (Damn…and me with all those pockets full of quarters. Anyone need change for the meter?)

So, a bunch of us mummy and daddy bloggers got together at the Como Building, which is not to be confused with the one with the really bad toupee (that’s the Combover Building), and got to meet, put faces to blogs, catch up on who’s-who-in-the-zoo, swap business cards, share stories, set fire to the joint, throw tv’s out the window and cause anarchy…all before a light morning tea.

Then, we got to meet the great folks at Target who gave us a little look-see into the upcoming fashion range changes for men, (Man, those models were skinny. About the size of a coat hanger…wait, they were coat hangers…phew), and discussed the new direction that Target is focusing toward in the future, which I believe is…umthat way?

But to be honest, they’re bringing in some pretty cool stuff. A new range of business shirts made from Egyptian cotton, coz you know, that’s what Egypt is well known for…it’s sand cotton. Some pretty cool comical Star Wars t-shirts, plus a whole range of TV inspired “BAZINGA” Big Bang Theory tees, etc. And how cool is their new range of Rolling Stones inspired t-shirts and tank-tops! Celebrating 50 years in the biz — can you believe it? I have a rule about band t-shirts. You should only buy band t-shirts for current bands who are still together and working…or alive. (They’re what?…They are?…I wonder what it took to achieve such longevity?…Steroids? Viagra?…Formaldehyde!)

At any rate, we had a great time, aired our thoughts on any changes we’d like to see, such as making t-shirt necks smaller. Bigger necks on t-shirts makes our bald-heads look smaller, which is great, if you’re looking to lose a few pounds from your cranium, but for those of us who like to wear t-shirts without looking like shrunken-headed voodoo dolls, then that would be great.

We tied things up with a few games and prizes for performing our best Zoolander “Blue Steel” impression…(who am I kidding, I’d do that WITHOUT a prize involved).

So, as far as I’m concerned, with the new direction and changes coming in. I say, Target…

You hit the Bullseye!

And thanks again to the good folks at 360 Immerse Agency for NOT doing the egg’n’spoon race 😉

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