2012: A Year in Rear-View

2012…the year we had to have.

Well, we didn’t have to. I mean, some people didn’t want us to have it at all. (At least, not all of it…bloody Mayans). What do they know? Certainly nothing about making calendars, that’s for sure.

Imagine if things had ended on December 21…it would be like watching The Sixth Sense and turning it off with two minutes left to go and thinking…

“Yeah, it was okay but…I didn’t really get it?”

But for us, it was a phenomenal year. Not to mention, it was the best year of Indy’s life(and he only came in at the half way mark, around when Haley Joel Osment tells Bruce Willis, he sees dead people).

Adjusting my rear-view mirror as 2012 disappears over the horizon, I see we had the birth of our beautiful boy, the Swans won the Grand Final, I got Indy got…some gnarly signatures on my his Swans cap, I paid off my car and remain unofficially debt-free, the end of the world didn’t happen (always good to know it’s exactly where you left it, under your pillow, when you wake up in the morning), aliens didn’t invade us (and frankly, how could they? Haven’t you seen Border Security? You can’t even bring rice into the country, let alone some extra-terrestrial beings. Apparently it’s only one terrestrial being per passenger, “extras” will have to be declared, I’m afraid).

We had our first Christmas as a family, Indy had his photo in the Herald Sun…(and not in the Crime Stoppers section), and today…had his first “official gig” in the upcoming Winter Target Catalogue, (assuming they choose his picture above all of the “nowhere-near-as-cute-as-ours” kids photos. But we’re not judgey…we’ll leave that to the Judy’s and Reinholds of the world).

So, next year sees a brand new chapter with me and the lad going Mano-a-Mano, as I officially take up reigns as Stay-at-Home Dad. Which I foresee some potential pitfalls such as…

“Why didn’t you get any groceries?” or “Didn’t you take him in for his checkups?”

To which my reply…

“I couldn’t go out…I’m a Stay-At-Home Dad. I’m only doing what I’m told.”

May not hold up in a court of kick-your-ass-for-being-an-ass.

So, here’s to a spectacular year next year. Welcome 2013let the adventures continue!!

(Incidentally, 13 is my lucky number…and next year, has 20 of them…2013…don’t work it out)

Happy New Year!!!


Oh my God…I felt like I lived an entire lifetime of emotions in 120 minutes. An emotional tug-o-war roller-coasting over four quarters of desperate battle, culminating in the most thrilling 34 seconds of my life…

Indy’s Conception…

NO…Indy’s Birth…

NO…(who am I kidding, both of those were epic long performances worthy of a dais placing)

NO…I speak of course, of…

The Sydney Swans 2012 Premiership…VICTORY!!!!

And Nick Malceski’s snap floater that wavered for a breathless eternity, 60 metres in the air that held the nations attention, akin to Neil Armstrong’s first gulp of TANG, and landing with a resounding roar through the goal posts to secure victory for the Swans in the 2012 AFL Grand Final, with 34 seconds left on the clock.

And I missed it.

(Just kidding…) It’s one of those life shattering moments in life that begs the question...

“Where were you the day…” (insert: JR was shot? Hervé Villechaize started Plane Spotting? Jo Frost aka: TV’s Supernanny, correctly pronounced the word “reconize”). 

I know where I was…

Gate 6, Level 1, M18 Reserve Seating, Row X, Seat 6 at the MCG.

In layman’s terms, about 60 feet from the players, right on the wing (in the middle), and saw every second of the match…LIVE and in person.

The experience of being at the MCG on Grand Final Day and watching your team win an absolute nail-biter, is out of this world. And to have them win in the same year as my son was born, IS icing on the cake. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have been offered a spare ticket to the “granny” by a most wonderfully generous friend of ours, who for years, has always been considered our Clayton’s Son. I cannot thank him deeply enough…(apparently there’s laws about that kind of thing).

It could only have been better, if Indy could have been there with me. But due to weather (and height restrictions), he was safely tucked under mamma’s wing watching the “granny” from of all places, Granny’s. Texting me pic updates as the game progressed, and vice versa. So, we still celebrated the win together.

And mamma, being the great sport that she is (scoring her loads of suck-up points to be redeemed at a later date, no doubt), by indulging her boys’ football bonding further, by getting up at the crack of dawn to meet’n’greet the players at their spiritual home ground, Lakeside Oval, in South Melbourne.

Can you spot us? (click to enlarge)

Where I got the opportunity to speak to a few players and have both Co-Captains, Adam Goodes and Jarrad McVeigh, and 1st and Winning Goal kicker, Nick Malceski, autograph my Swans cap as a souvenir of this momentous occasion…ahh…for Indy…yes…

So, he has something to remind himself of…one day…in the future…sometime…for Indy…yeah?

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Swanee How I Love You How I Love You My Dear Old Swanee

What an amazing year so far. Plenty of exciting times and a few bumps along the way. There’s been highs and lows, heartbreaks and tears. Moments of pure and utter joy and others tense with stress and disappointment. All culminating in the most anticipated and stressful 2 hours of our journey together so far.

I’m not talking about Indy. I’m talking about…

The 2012 AFL Grand Final

And the tremendous journey of our beloved, Sydney Swans!!

And what a journey it has been this year. I won’t bore you with the details (too late), but after spending a majority of weeks on top of the AFL ladder, it seems only right that after knocking off Adelaide in the first final, we got to face off against our arch nemeses, Collingwood (see: Mamma’s team), for a shot at the Grand Final. After suffering 10 straight losses to Collingwood (see: wash my mouth out with soap), to finally get up and defeat them by 26 points in the Swans’ Jude Bolton’s 300th Career Game, to give us a shot at the Grand Final in the same year that my son was born (take a breath before I explode)…is the stuff that dreams and Hollywood Movies are made of.

Made more so by the fact that I now get to share my love and support of the Swans, with my boy. A privilege that until now, was something that I only shared with my Grandfather. And with him, no doubt, watching the Grand Final with eager anticipation from on high, I’m sure he will be just as proud to see the tradition shared with me and my son, down here.

And the reason my son is a Swans supporter is this. The simple fact of the matter is, Mamma can live with Indy being a Swans supporter, but there’s NO WAY ON EARTH can I live with him being a Collingwood supporter. Case closed.

And it’s been simply marvellous to share our triumphant journey together each week. Watching the games together and drilling the Club song into his little mind (and subconsciously penetrating Mamma’s mind as well: rubs diabolical hands together…hee, hee, hee, all part of my cunning plan).

But the best part is, in the past, the Collingwood/Swans rivalry has always divided us as a family. My brother, his wife and of course my wife, all barrack for Collingwood. And even though the Swans finally got up to beat them for a shot at the Grand Final, The Hatfield and McCoy’s have saluted a truce and offer their allegiance and support for ONE GAME ONLY…

The 2012 Grand Final against Hawthorn on Saturday.

And it’s ONLY because of Indy. (There’s some great pics of Indy’s Uncle supporting his nephew’s Premiership campaign below).

But where one rivalry ends (temporarily), another begins…

My cousin is a Hawks supporter and he too, has a new son, and you guessed it…he’s a hereditary Hawthorn supporter.

So, this weekend, it’s definitely on…for YOUNG and OLD.

And nothing would be more glorious, the icing on my cake, than to have a Premiership Win AND the birth of my son, all in the same year.

So, if not for me, at least…think of the children.

Do it for Indy.


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