The Lone Ranger

“A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty “Hi Ho Silver, Away!”

It’s amazing how much easier it is to sleep without all the usual gurgling, farting, snorting, cooing, squeaking, squawking that normally goes on of an evening. And now that Indy’s in his own room at the other end of the house…he shouldn’t be able to hear any of it!

That’s right, Indy has saddled up his trusty steed and headed out west to the open pastures of his Big Boy Cot on the sweeping plains (or at least, some light vacuuming), of his very own room. And although he’s still sleeping for about the same length of time (every 3-4 hours), it has improved the quality of sleep, somewhat.

Not his…ours.

And in the few minutes of actual sleep that we do get, it seems to be a much deeper sleep. Which is why my wife sounds like Barry White(and I sleep with one eye open).

But just because he’s now up the other end of the house, does not mean he’s out of sight nor out of mind (though at times, it feels like both of us are out of the latter). We still manage to keep a close eye and ear on him, as well as monitor every farty-party aspect of his behaviour, through the ever watchful eyes and ears of the Baby Monitor.

Indy’s time in the Big Brother HOUSE has begun.

And the monitor we bought way back when at the Baby And Toddler Expo (see post here), has some cool features like infra-red video, audio, temperature readout, lullaby music control and night light, all controlled from our handset. It does have another function that was probably good in theory, but not so much in practice. It’s a Push-to-Talk feature. In other words, you can push a button and talk to Indy to calm him down when he’s upset, from the warmth and comfort of our own bedroom, kind of like an intercom. HOWEVER…you can’t hear s#*t, when his air-raid siren is blaring. So, in essence, it’s just like the phone coverage we get from 3 and Vodaphone. We stand there yelling into the damn thing until we just give up and text each other or walk over and talk to each other in person.

And the other thing I discovered about having Indy in his own room, is sneaking out of the room when he’s asleep is a lot like stepping off a land-mine or diffusing a bomb. You move slowly and stealthily. You’re under the exact same pressure to leave that room quietly, as you are asking yourself, “do I cut the red wire or the green wire?”

Because all it takes, is one wrong step and…


It’s back to square one for you.

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The Dummy Dilemma

To suck…or not to suck?That, is the question.

One thing we’ve learned as new parents, from the actual delivery through to bringing our son home, is that the best made plans are…

Don’t make plans!

As far as our birthing plan went, the only things that went to plan, was the music we had playing during the labour and the fact that…a baby came out at the end. Everything else…went straight out the window.

Same at home. Many is the night we wailed away over the virtues of what good parenting should be all about, and we both agreed…we didn’t want our child to have a dummy.

That is, until…we actually had a child.

Fast forward to 2:30am on Indy’s first night at home (aka: my first night at all, with him). Not since the Spanish Inquisitionhas more houses been upturned and lives been uprooted. Like King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail, I left no box unturned, no cupboard unrifled, no garage unpillaged…all for the sake of peace, harmony and to…just make it stop! Suddenly there it was. The elusive grail was within my grasp…

I knew we had one somewhere. Like the Incredible Hulk forcing his way against rippling sonic blast cannons, I pushed through the noise and popped the dummy in Indy’s mouth. And there it was…

Hello darkness my old friends, Simon and Garfunkle with…The Sound Of Silence.

Finally, we could relax and get some sleep…except for Super Dad. Who, torn between the angst of giving into the dummy and the salvation of silence, stood over the bassinet until 4:30am! Checking and rechecking from every possible angle. Measuring each gap with lasers, a slide rule and vernier callipers.

Anything, just to make sure there was no way on earth our tiny miracle would suffocate on the dummy. Making sure it didn’t cover both nostrils and there was adequate space between his nose and lip to breathe. Last thing I want to do is give into the dummy and then be responsible for suffocating my only child!

But that’s something I’m sure all first time Dad’s go through.

Isn’t it?

Look on the bright side, that’s one night down…the rest of my life to go!!

First Peeks

I know, I know…it’s been three days already and still no pics?

Well, I just needed to find a little time to post them up, when I wasn’t being all Super-Dad, flitting between hospital and home and sleeping during whatever free minute I could find. Some days, I even sleep in the car during “Mother’s Time” at the hospital, when they kick all the dad’s to the curb for a couple hours. Where’s the Dad’s Time? When do we get to sleep?

I have a kid now, so I already know the answer…NEVER!!!

But without further ado, exclusively to the 40Yr Old Dad

I proudly present, our son…Indy

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