Child Revive First Aid

My lovely wife is always full of great ideas, the first being, marrying me. A while ago, she did a First Aid Course for Kids at work and because she’s always thinking of me (another thing we have in common), she thought I too, could benefit from learning such things, seeing as I will be the stay-at-home dad, next year. And being the caring, responsible, lovely person she is, she thought her whole Mother’s Group could benefit as well. So, a couple days ago, she organised a Baby/Child First Aid course for us all, conducted by Chantelle from Child Revive First Aid.

Thank you to Meghan, for hosting the event and for having a living room large enough to look like a school bus exploded.

Total Baby Carnage

The course itself was a real eye-opener. Indy, twice performing his exploding nappy trick, also an eye opener. As you can see from the pic above, we had special CPR babies and Children, to practice on. What surprised me the most, was just how hard you need to press down on the chest, in order to provide affective CPR, and how little breath you need to fill their little lungs. But I feel confident that if Indy was ever in trouble or I happened across a child with no arms and legs, I’d know exactly what to do.

I ordered off the kids menu, and this is what they bring me? Oh well, dig in…

The course covered a whole range of things from CPR, cuts, abrasions, burns, poisons, etc. Just about anything your child can get into that gives YOU a heart attack.

And there is a new acronym to help you remember all the steps of things to assess when your child is in trouble…

The Primary Assessment – DRSABCD

D – Danger
R – Response
S – Send for help
A – Airway
B – Breathing
D – Defibrillation

Which is way more effective than the acronym I came up with…

P – Poke with a stick
A – Ask, “Why me?”
N – Nail-bite
I – Ignore
C – Call a pizza ambulance

But hopefully, you won’t need to use the last step (D – Defibrillation), at anytime in your life. It’s crazy weird to know that shopping centres and all kinds of places now have portable defibrillators on hand that anyone can use, without any training needed. That’s okay if you need to jump start your car or administer mild electro-shock treatment to an hysterical shopaholic during a stocktake sale, but the last thing I want to hear if I’m semi-conscious on the ground, is a hillbilly accent drawling over me…

“Gorn Cleatus, crank ‘er up. Le’see what this baby can do!”

And I think we got a glimpse of Indy’s personality during the slide show presentation. “Coughing” right on cue when Chantelle mentioned the subject of Choking(That’s my boy…a regular little comedian, or make that…extra small, be some time before he’s a regular).

So, do yourself (and your kids), a favour and get with the program. It could be a real life saver.

P.S. – It’s also a good excuse for cupcakes 😉


Father’s Day Firsts

Today I feel like I’ve slipped through the Looking Glass and found myself in a topsy-turvy world, where everything is backwards. For 40 odd years I’ve always been the kid, but this year…the tables have turned and the child has now become the father.

Holy Cow! I can’t believe it. My very first…


I gotta be honest. I’m not expecting much. After all, my boy is only 8 weeks old. I mean, what’s he gonna do? Sing and dance for my own enjoyment? Hardly…

As you may have read, being a new dad, I’m pretty used to finding all kinds of surprises when it comes to unwrapping my son and changing his little nappy. Some of which have you cringing like a 40yr old chaperone at a Justin Bieber concert and others have you calling in the clean up crew from the Exxon Valdez. But nothing quite prepared me for the surprise I saw this morning when I opened his little wrap to find…


Yep…like Ricky Schroder’s emotional plea in The Champ or Halle Berry’s Oscars acceptance speech, I was reduced to a mould of quivering jello.

And after being presented with this very cool Daddy T-shirt…

A whole new appreciation for my own dad and what it’s like to be a dad, welled up inside me.

I felt a sense of duty to start a little Father’s Day tradition of my very own. Something that I hope my son will grow to appreciate and take comfort in, something we can both look forward to spending time doing together as the years roll by. And what better way to begin than combining two of my most favorite things…

Hot Chips and Indiana Jones

Kicking back, enjoying that hot chip goodness (Science fact: Hot chips have been scientifically proven to release endorphins and “lift” your mood), whilst enjoying the adventurous escapades of my son’s namesake can only lead up to one thing…

Good times ahead 🙂

And failing that, he can always sing and dance for my own enjoyment 😉

Happy Father’s Day to me! 🙂