Rain Man (Boy)

Week 35 and once again, I venture into uncharted territory otherwise known as…

No Man’s Land…

aka — The Baby Shower.

Not quite the tiny cubicle for washing that I was expecting. But why else would they make tiny hotel soaps?

My other visions were similarly inaccurate. The idea of my lovely wife strapped to the hood of a car as spinning brushes and soapy water descend upon her like a car wash. Or the nightmarish vision of being stripped down and prodded with long-handled stiff brooms by people in HazMat suits in radiation facilities.

But thankfully, for all concerned, it represents the showering of love, support and gifts for our soon-to-be Son.

An array of food set out on the table, tastefully catering for the inner-pun in all of us. Included things like…baby cakes, baby muffins, jelly babies and the deliciously funny…schnitzel sandwiches! And a feast of silly games designed to both teach, amuse and make fun of an impending father’s skill at child rearing…that hopefully will alleviate any concerns my wife may have about leaving her two boys alone together in the future. (Either that…or cementing her fears, once and for all).

The outpouring of love, support and gifts we have received has just been astounding. We feel truly blessed and we only hope our little schnitzel grows up to have an inkling of just how lucky he truly is.

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