LOST VS Schnitzel

D-Day+11(and counting).

Well, you wouldn’t read about it, except…you already are.

The final conclusion to the ongoing schnitzel saga…is being strung out longer than the final episode of LOST.

I mean, come on…we all want to know…

What’s in that damn hatch?

Who’s behind all this?

What in the hell is going on??!!

Even with a tiny Jack Shephard and John Locke on board to lend a hand, we’re still none the wiser.

It’s just like the end of each LOST episode. At last…we’re finally getting the answers we’re looking for. And that answer is…

Revealed next episode…NOOOOOOO!!!

And just so everyone’s up to speed…

Previously…on LOST…

Jack and Kate are still desperate to see what’s in the hatch. Locke has tried to lubricate the hinges, but it will still be several hours before they know if the concoction he used will have loosened things up enough to get the door open. Hurley informs them that maybe Jack should go home and get some sleep. They’ll try again at sunrise. In the meantime, Sun and Claire will look after Kate and if things get crazy, Sawyer will send up a smoke signal and then, you come running.

Reluctantly, Jeff Probst from Survivor, hands Jack his torch and he retreats back into the jungle.

Meanwhile…Desmond continued to press the button…every 108 minutes.

‘Til next week! (Well, hopefully tomorrow lunchtime…at the latest). Just so long as it’s not another rerun…just cut to the end already!!

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