First Peeks

I know, I know…it’s been three days already and still no pics?

Well, I just needed to find a little time to post them up, when I wasn’t being all Super-Dad, flitting between hospital and home and sleeping during whatever free minute I could find. Some days, I even sleep in the car during “Mother’s Time” at the hospital, when they kick all the dad’s to the curb for a couple hours. Where’s the Dad’s Time? When do we get to sleep?

I have a kid now, so I already know the answer…NEVER!!!

But without further ado, exclusively to the 40Yr Old Dad

I proudly present, our son…Indy

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Indy-Pendence Day!

It is with enormous pride and unbridled love and appreciation that we FINALLY present to the world, our miraculous SON

Indy Wayan Bechtold

Born today, July 5th @ 7:26pm

Weighing 8lbs13oz or 4kg bang on the knocker…(thanks McPuddingPop, you were way off!)

Both mother and baby are doing very well. Daddy needs a spatula to peel himself off the ceiling.

Thank you so much to all our family, friends and strangers all around the world who have been touched by our story and flooded us with love, support and best wishes along every step of this incredible journey. And an extra special thank you to the amazing hospital and midwife staff for helping to bring little Indy into our world and into our hearts.

I feel like he has been one of the most anticipated arrivals on the planet, and I can hardly believe he’s here!

My biggest thank you of all, goes out to the most amazing woman I’ve ever met in my entire life. Your continued love, strength, passion, thoughtfulness, guidance, support and belief in me and our desire to be the Love of the Century, inspires me every day. How did I get so lucky as to wake up every morning to that gorgeous heart-shaped smile and soft beautiful eyes. You are the spark that ignites my heart that makes me feel like the most special man on the entire planet. I just wish I could remember your name…

I love you eternally…Whats’er’name 😉

I’m so proud of you.

Although we missed the US Independence Day by one day, that’s only so he doesn’t have to celebrate his own Independence Day with anyone else! After all this waiting, I think he deserves his own day.

Still, I think what Bill Pullman as President Whitmore, meant to say is…

The 4th 5th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday. But as the day when the world declared in one voice, we will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. We’re going to live on. We’re going to survive. Today, we celebrate our…

“INDY-pendence Day!”

Break in Transmission

D-Day+10(no more counting…please?).

We apologise for this unexpected break in transmission BUT…

We’re off to see the Wizard

We will return to your regular scheduled program once we get this little bubba out…

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Week 39 and only 7 days to go!!

Although, statistically speaking, only 5% of babies arrive on time. 75% usually arrive late and the remaining 20% early. So, it’s hard to know just how he’s keeping time exactly. Whether he’s going by Daylight Savings, Greenwich Meantime or my wife’s biological clock. It would make everything so much easier if he could just schedule something in, so we can adjust ourselves accordingly. It’s like receiving a package from TOLL DIRECT, when they ring you before hand and say, “your package will be delivered sometime between June 16 and July 4th…between the hours of 9am and 11pm.” Oh, great…perfect!

On top of that, my lovely wife has battled a dreadful cold, all week. Prepping us both for sleep deprivation. Up all night coughing, standing over the laundry basket in case she coughs a little too hard…and shoots the little tacker out!

(Okay, that may not exactly be true) BUT…she did dream last night that she was actually having the baby and she could see the head sticking out! We had to drive to the hospital while it called out directions from the GPS! (Okay, once again, I made up the part about the GPS)…BUT…she did dream it was coming and had to try and hold it back in.

He’s getting very active now, and because he’s getting bigger every day, whenever he moves around inside my wife’s belly, it’s like it moves her whole body.

Which makes me wonder about how cool it would be if babies could actually control your entire body when they’re in the womb. Kind of like Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) inside her hydraulic exoskeleton in the movie, Aliens.

Imagine your baby sitting in the driver’s seat in your belly, with his arms and legs controlling your arms and legs. Making you move around the room…or drive the car “hey look ma, I’m driving!” Opening and closing cupboards, throttling your husband’s throat for writing things about you in his blog…


Ripley: “Get away from her, you bi#@h!” – translation: “It’s not me honey, it’s the baby!”

But maybe that’s just my overactive imagination running overtime. But this close to the end, it’s hard not to think about anything else.

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Birth Of A Comedian

Week 39, and only 8 days until our schnitzel’s scheduled arrival.

I cast my mind back to 5 years ago, when I performed this improvised opening to a show I did in Mornington, Victoria.

Hopefully for our little bloke, his arrival will be somewhat less traumatic.

I couldn’t imagine anything more embarrassing than my wife giving birth live on stage before a crowd of laughing strangers…(other than being married to me, of course).

Cue Barbara Streisand: “Memories…” 

Or dare I say…Prophesy?

For all our sakes, I hope NOT.

Giving Birth Tips

In a spooky coincidence, back in 2005, I was part of a sketch comedy show on Channel 31 called Public Holiday.

With some incredibly valuable tips on…

Giving Birth: A man’s guide on what NOT to do.

Featuring me, as “Dr Phil Maballzac”.

(Thanks to my friend Mat Jones at I.M.P. Enterprises for permission to use this footage)

Honestly honey, how bad could it be? Hopefully nowhere near as bad as this.

Please enjoy and feel free to comment 🙂