Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout, Willis?

Ever had the desire to do something, “just because you can?”

This morning we woke up and the tiny voice that talks to me inside my head, was actually outside my head, and we both did a double-take when we realised…

Holy cow, our son can talk!

It’s as if Indy suddenly woke up today and decided to speak, “just because he can”.

And his first words of choice…


YESSSSSS!! (Hi-fives all round…cigars anyone?)

Next on the agenda of his Parliamentary Address…

(Admittedly, this was not immediately directed at me, but to a burp cloth he nabbed off the bed… ah, who am I kidding? YES, it was directed squarely at mummy and she deserves that credit, it’s probably the most uttered phrase whispered in our household).

Daddy: “What are you two whispering about?”
Mummy: (sheepishly) “Nothing…”
Indy: (sparkly-eyed…yet, conspiratorially) GRIN-GRIN-GRIN

And finally, in conclusion to his inaugural speech…


Our hearts swelled with pride as he repeated his phrases over and over (so we knew it wasn’t a fluke), and at the rate he’s going, I dare say he’ll be a right little chatterbox.

We glared proudly into each others eyes, it was like we could read each others mind…

Daddy: “Thank god my weeks of training him to say DA-DA have paid off!”
Mummy: “It’s not a contest…damn.”




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