Do Me A Solid?

Who’s there?
My six monks.
My six monks who?
My six monks old baby, that’s who!

Can you believe it? Our little bloke has just notched up half a year on his nappy belt. Which makes me wonder if he’s still considered a baby or is he now a toddler? And what actually is the difference? Sources tell me a toddler is when he starts wearing velvet robes, a cravat, smokes a pipe and sips martinis. (“Sources” is a term used loosely for the voices in my head). And if that’s the case, Hugh Hefner is the luckiest toddler in town.

But it also means some chemical changes are going on. Namely…“fusion”. Now, before you break out the hazmat suits and confuse it with nuclear fusion, (mind you, I’m pretty sure some of his nappy contents would set off a Geiger counter), it’s also the state in which a liquid changes to a solid. (Not to be confused with WA, which is the state in which all your solids revert to liquid…that’s some heat, phew!).

Known to scientists as “solidifying”, known to parents as, “eating” and known to babies as, “remodelling” the kitchen. (See also: “How can I get this tiniest bit of food and spray it all over the walls, ceiling, floor, myself, mummy and daddy…without actually getting any of it in my mouth?”)… Or the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan…but with food.

Which means we now have the incredibly interesting and somewhat amusing task of putting different types of food in front of him and see what he does.

At the end of round one, the judge’s scores are as follows;

Banana – thumbs up.
Armadillo – who are you trying to kid?
Avocado – much easier to get out of its shell.
Sweet potato – big thumbs up.
Unsweet potato – whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?
Broccoli – thumbs down.
Broccolini – thumbs up.
(Maybe because when choosing which foods to eat, broccolini is so much easier to rhyme with “Eanie-Meanie”…)

And at this point, the clear winner by far is…


And seeing as they have a laxative affect, it’s smells smiles all round for all of us. And all this mess has brought out my innovative side, where instead of trying to clean up all the food that ends up on the floor, his high chair fits perfectly into his wading pool. All he needs is a quick hosing down after meals. Only problem is, he’s not allowed out of his chair for an hour after eating 😉

That’s the rules…I saw it on Baywatch.


6 thoughts on “Do Me A Solid?

    • Yes, I hate watching him writhe with tummy pains. But the look of relief on his face when it finally arrives…priceless 🙂 Will give the prunes a go, too. Thanks for the tip 😉

  1. Happy 6 monks to your little man! Our little daughter is 6 monks today! We have the same highchair and have had similar incidences – enjoying following your journey 🙂

    • And happy 6 monks to your daughter too, Wendy. It’s a great age of discovery…for all of us 😉 I can recommend the clam wading pool from Big W, it’s the perfect size for the Ikea chair. Before we know it, both our tykes will be walking and talking and then…LOOK OUT!

  2. Hey, the high chair in the pool is genius! We’ve been laying out disposable plastic sheets instead, not so good for the environment. People without kids who have seen my Bub with a plate of food yet to be eaten comment on how big the serving is… little do they know that more than 50% lands on the floor, about 30% on her bib, and the rest in her mouth! My Bub loves brocolli, or any vegetable for that matter – we need to get her to eat more meat!

    • We’ve only just started on the solids, sticking to things he can stick in his own mouth…fingers of toast, vegetables, cars. Though we’re not up to bigger servings yet, it’s pretty amazing how many square feet can be covered with just a third of a cup of purée. In the future, I believe we’re gonna need a bigger pool 😉

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