Oh my God…I felt like I lived an entire lifetime of emotions in 120 minutes. An emotional tug-o-war roller-coasting over four quarters of desperate battle, culminating in the most thrilling 34 seconds of my life…

Indy’s Conception…

NO…Indy’s Birth…

NO…(who am I kidding, both of those were epic long performances worthy of a dais placing)

NO…I speak of course, of…

The Sydney Swans 2012 Premiership…VICTORY!!!!

And Nick Malceski’s snap floater that wavered for a breathless eternity, 60 metres in the air that held the nations attention, akin to Neil Armstrong’s first gulp of TANG, and landing with a resounding roar through the goal posts to secure victory for the Swans in the 2012 AFL Grand Final, with 34 seconds left on the clock.

And I missed it.

(Just kidding…) It’s one of those life shattering moments in life that begs the question...

“Where were you the day…” (insert: JR was shot? Hervé Villechaize started Plane Spotting? Jo Frost aka: TV’s Supernanny, correctly pronounced the word “reconize”). 

I know where I was…

Gate 6, Level 1, M18 Reserve Seating, Row X, Seat 6 at the MCG.

In layman’s terms, about 60 feet from the players, right on the wing (in the middle), and saw every second of the match…LIVE and in person.

The experience of being at the MCG on Grand Final Day and watching your team win an absolute nail-biter, is out of this world. And to have them win in the same year as my son was born, IS icing on the cake. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have been offered a spare ticket to the “granny” by a most wonderfully generous friend of ours, who for years, has always been considered our Clayton’s Son. I cannot thank him deeply enough…(apparently there’s laws about that kind of thing).

It could only have been better, if Indy could have been there with me. But due to weather (and height restrictions), he was safely tucked under mamma’s wing watching the “granny” from of all places, Granny’s. Texting me pic updates as the game progressed, and vice versa. So, we still celebrated the win together.

And mamma, being the great sport that she is (scoring her loads of suck-up points to be redeemed at a later date, no doubt), by indulging her boys’ football bonding further, by getting up at the crack of dawn to meet’n’greet the players at their spiritual home ground, Lakeside Oval, in South Melbourne.

Can you spot us? (click to enlarge)

Where I got the opportunity to speak to a few players and have both Co-Captains, Adam Goodes and Jarrad McVeigh, and 1st and Winning Goal kicker, Nick Malceski, autograph my Swans cap as a souvenir of this momentous occasion…ahh…for Indy…yes…

So, he has something to remind himself of…one day…in the future…sometime…for Indy…yeah?

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