Stick It To The Man

OMG! Has it been six weeks already?

My, how time does fly. Where’s a Delorean when you need one?

And just as Doc Brown from Back To The Future said, “Once this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit,”. So it is for us, that our baby has hit 6 weeks (see 88m/hr), and the serious shit (see ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch), is of course…


How can one little prick cause so much upset? (See Adolf Hitler, Obama Bin Laden, Colton from Survivor)

Or, so we thought…

Mums definitely have two distinct calming advantages when it comes to soothing away your troubles…

“They’re called boobs, Ed.” – Erin Brockovich

Boobs are an incredibly effective means of numbing any pain a man (big or little), might have. You can see it instantly, the very moment he snuggles in, latches on and suddenly…


Pain and Upset…GONE! — That’s a double-act nobody wants to see anyway, like Lara Bingle and The Shire….(though equally, just as painful).

So, our little man took it pretty well. That sudden look of, “No, you di’int…WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!” Followed by the red-faced silent breath of air that sucks into his lungs, right before the air-raid siren rips…stifled by the num-num-numbness of that “happy place”.

BTW: Don’t think for one second that Daddy didn’t miss the fact that mummy wanted him to hold Indy so that any pain he might experience would be associated with HIM and not HER at all. Daddy’s cluey about that sort of thing.

But that means I can now rest a little easier knowing our little one is protected from some of the hidden (microscopic) dangers of the world. So, at least he has a better chance of becoming a happy and healthy little boy and not end up an extra in The Walking Dead.

Be strong(I’m talking to you, Daddy)



3 thoughts on “Stick It To The Man

  1. Awwwwwwww poor little darlin, I used to make Dad take u kids to get your immunizations….I couldn’t handle seeing that bloody great needle goin’ in your poor little legs or arms….bad enuff seeing poor little Maxy gettin’ a bloody great needle thrust into his thigh whilst he was peacefully sleeping when it happened…the look of shock on his face…..then that blood curdling banshee cry… yeah I can empathise!!!!!

    • At least nowadays, that bloody great needle is a pretty small needle, and like I said, apart from an initial squeal of horror (I don’t know why I yelped?), he took it pretty well. He’s a toughie alright 🙂

      • Believe me love….if he ever has to have antibiotic by needle like Maxy…that sucker is long & thick & takes awhile to get the stuff pushed in, Maxy screamed & sobbed for quite awhile….eeeeeoooo!!!

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