Secret Man’s Business

If you’ve ever been a dad (new or old), there’s always an area of slight embarrassment that you just don’t like to talk about. Where fingers rudely point and jeering smirks snigger behind your back. Where angst crawls up inside your gut and somersaults when you walk into a mother’s group.

That’s when you hear the phrase that pricks up the hairs on the back of your neck and your genitals shrivel up like shrinky dinks. You know the one…

“Nice bag…Dad

If there was ever a type of bag that makes a man look genuinely effeminate (barring of course, the notorious “purse” or “handbag”), it is of course…

The Nappy Bag

Enter A company formed by two dad’s specializing in gear that’s guaranteed to put Stallone back into testosterone when you’re out’n’about caring for your little man.

A great range of cool nappy bags with innovative designs and outer flap-covers that you can actually swap, depending on your mood or feeling emasculated by your wife’s choice of colour scheme.

But the Jewel in the Crown, the James in the Bond, the Arthur in the Fonzarelli of the DadGear range, is the very cool and innovative…

Diaper (Nappy) Vest

This Swiss Army Knife of baby care products, will have you quick changing your baby on the spot, quicker than Michael Schumacher can change his tyres.

All the pointing and sniggering will then be yours, as you strut along to Saturday Night Fever shaking a knowing head at all the other dads as you whisper under your breath…

Nice “bag“…Dad. 😉


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