Who Was That Masked Man?

My wife’s niece celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday, with an (Ooh-la-la), Burlesque themed, Masquerade Party.

And if there’s one thing we loved doing as a couple, it’s dressing up in crazy costumes.
(I say again…ooh-la-la). And now, we get to experience our crazy getups…

As a family 🙂

Donning our decrotive masks and pseudo A Clockwork Orange-esque styled outfits, we piled into the Bat-mobile and stole away into the night, like a gang of masked crime fighters on the prowl for truth, justice and the Australian way.

And like a true super hero, Indy was completely unfazed by his very first party, sleeping soundly through all the festivities. Still I have to wonder what must have been going through his head while he was awake, staring out from his pram at the menagerie of costumed figures cooing down on him. On second thoughts, he was probably thinking what everyone else is thinking…

Just another typical day…for the Bechtold’s.

And in case there was any doubt…here’s just a few, of our greatest hits.

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2 thoughts on “Who Was That Masked Man?

  1. Looks like Zorro & the 2 stooges, or is it The Lone Arranger with Tonto & Silver a-wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Great pics, Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv our little grandson!!!! Looking forward to see you all again soon. XXXOOO

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