A Right Royal Welcome

It seems that little Indy has his very own…international appeal 🙂

At a point in time when all eyes are on the motherland for the 2012 Olympic games, it seems the motherland has a sneaky eye on our little man.

Freshly delivered by the Royal Mail, a beautiful card arrived with a £20 note so crisp, the Queen herself must have just finished printing her face into it, to kick start Indy’s financial future. One can only imagine this Royal Blue Envelope (blue for boys), might well have passed through just as many hands as the Olympic torchon it’s incredible journey around the world. Right into our humble little mailbox, Downunder.

Thankfully, it wasn’t the Olympic torch. Last thing we need is our mailbox burned to the ground.

But, it does make me wonder…

If the Queen needs I.D. to get into a nightclub, does she just pull out a £20 note? And if she does flash her £20 note at the door, is it considered an I.D. or a bribe?

But anyway, our opening ceremony has already begun and now is the moment we’ve trained for all our lives…(well, maybe that weekend workshop in Sandringham at least), and in the immortal words of Queen Elizabeth II, herself…

Let the games begin!

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