Bath Time

There’s something very spiritual about holding your newborn son in the palm of your hands and watching him melt between your fingers, like a Kit-Kat on a sunny day, as you wash the warm sudsy water across his tiny soapy body. That spiritual bond I felt when his eyes first opened, embraced me again like a soft warm blanket thrown lovingly round my shoulders.

He looks into my eyes as if to say…

“This is the greatest thing I’ve experienced on tour, so far.”

And the feeling is mutual.

This is definitely a “Daddy Moment”. Caring and nurturing the most precious life in your hands, and he places complete love and trust in yours.

And that unspeakable bond has taught myself an incredibly valuable lesson

Dad Mishap #2…

When you’re washing your son’s little bottom in the bath, if his bottom is OUT of the water…
it means…his head is definitely IN it.

And when I say, unspeakable…I mean, (let’s never speak of this incident, ever again…ever).

Might have to get a reminder tattoo on the back of his head that reads…

This End Up!

But all was forgiven and forgotten in the blink of an eye, as Super Dad rubbed his cares away with a luxurious baby body massage, that could have easily had Indy oozing down the change table, as water drains down a plug-hole.

And as I rubbed his tiny shoulders and cooed gently in his ear, he lifted his head ever so gently…and in his tiny sleepy eyes I see…

Less with the noise, please…as he palms me another fiver.

Uh-oh, I can feel it happening already…I’m starting to feel like…

…a Dad 🙂

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