Round ’em up Hoss, the Cartwrights are finally back at the Ponderosa“Yeehar!!”

It’s a Bonanza day because today’s the day we all get to come home to begin the next chapter in our lives…


That means our name will be forever etched in the mahogany trophy cabinet in the sky, alongside family greats such as;

The Brady’s
The Cosby’s
The Seaver’s
The Cartwright’s
The Robinson’s
The Ewing’s
The Cunningham’s
The Cleaver’s
And even…
The Kardashian’s
(Full points to you if you can name each TV show)
**And thank heaven’s you have a life, if you can’t.

It is…“Indy-ed”…a VERY big day. Indy’s first Adventure. His very first look at the real world outside. His first breath of fresh air, the first sunlight on his face, his first car ride home, his very first time outdoors and…

He slept through the whole thing!

Just like his mother during conception…

But such an auspicious day did not go without…Official Notice. Our son’s arrival was already acknowledged, officially recorded and heralded with fanfare and aplomb that only Australia Post can deliver.

We finally get home and what do we see?

Oh, my god. Indy…

“You’ve got mail.”

Four days old and already getting “fan-mail”.

Justin Bieber…eat your heart out!

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