First Peeks

I know, I know…it’s been three days already and still no pics?

Well, I just needed to find a little time to post them up, when I wasn’t being all Super-Dad, flitting between hospital and home and sleeping during whatever free minute I could find. Some days, I even sleep in the car during “Mother’s Time” at the hospital, when they kick all the dad’s to the curb for a couple hours. Where’s the Dad’s Time? When do we get to sleep?

I have a kid now, so I already know the answer…NEVER!!!

But without further ado, exclusively to the 40Yr Old Dad

I proudly present, our son…Indy

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6 thoughts on “First Peeks

  1. I love when I can say honestly that “he’s so cute!”
    Congrats on not having a weird shaped alien baby. He’s the poster child for why people don’t eat their young. Too cute.

    • Lucky for us, his huge purple feet and elongated skull calmed down quite nicely, but that does mean he misses out on the lead role in a possible Ridley Scott monster movie of Barney VS Alien.

  2. Hello people, how are things going since we last saw you, how’s Mummy & Daddy coping & how’s my beautiful grandson Indy? Did Phil catch up with you, he was keen to see you all! Much Much Love Love from Omah & Opah xxxooo

  3. Don’t worry love…it won’t last forever, once they are going to school you should start to get 6 to 8 hrs providing Indy doesn’t have nightmares or spells of unwellness 🙂
    Hope you appreciate Ma & Pa a bit more now 🙂
    I totally know where your’e comin’ from son, been there 3 times! It does get better the 2nd or third time around because then you aren’t flying blind!
    Best bit of advice I can give you is enjoy the ride, their
    childhood can go by so quickly, treasure the moments, go with the flow, people can give you lots of advice which may or not work with Indy….in the end you guys are the ones that live with him & the 3 of you have to find your own way.
    Take what works & don’t stress the rest! Your children will bring so much joy into your life…..worth the sleepless nights!!
    Much Love to you all……
    Ma xxxooo

    • Yes Ma, I certainly have a very new appreciation of what you and Dad must have gone through. I appreciate the fact that because I’m in my 40’s now, I have the benefit of patience from life experience. Not sure how you handled three of us at half my age, and look how well I (I mean “we”), turned out 😉

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