Painting the Baby’s Womb: Revealed

For those of you who’ve been tuning in, if you remember about 7 weeks ago during Week 34, a friend organised a lovely face-paint artist to come and create a mural on the largest blank space we had available at home…my wife’s pregnant belly.

And because our schnitzel’s actual name is depicted in the design, we had to protect his identity by blurring it out. Unfortunately, nobody was even close with their guesses as to the what the actual design was.

However, all will be revealed…

Next Week!

I kid, I kid!!

Seriously, it gives me great honour to present to you, (now that he’s finally come out of his womb…ah, room)…the wonderful uncensored belly mural featuring our new son

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6 thoughts on “Painting the Baby’s Womb: Revealed

  1. I didn’t guess the design but I did guess the name Indy
    or Indianna because I know you Jussy, Indianna Jones has been your hero forever!!

  2. Congratulations mummy and daddy. It’s about time Indy moved his little toosh. I’m so happy for you both, and know this is just the start of your adventure (in true Indy style). Milliegirl xo

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