Are We There Yet?

Week 40 and today is…

the DAY!!!


We’re all primed and ready. The nursery is good to go, the change table is stocked to capacity, the car seat’s installed and the bags are all packed. Only one thing missing…

The baby!

The oven timer has officially gone off, but the light must be out inside the oven because there’s just no way we can see inside to see if he’s done. Well, nothing that doesn’t involve a snorkel, a penlight and some swimming goggles at least. And sitting between her legs waving a rattle or jiggling keys has no effect on him whatsoever, but does make the other customers in the chemist checkout, a little squeamish.

And then of course, there’s the aches and pains, the shortness of breath and constant moaning to deal with.

Not hers…mine.

Damn head cold (which is why we were at the chemist in the first place). There were a couple of niggling pains this morning when we were there (which did get me momentarily excited!!!), but nothing beyond that.

So, we’re still at home playing the waiting game. We’ve tried plenty of advice for bringing him on. Walking around, crawling on all fours, acupressure ’til my fingers went numb, raspberry leaf tea and even SEX. Maybe we’ll have more luck if we try them on HER, instead? The only thing left to do is look for a local rodeo and saddle her onto a bucking bronco…oh, wait. I already mentioned we tried that.

Anyway, all we can do is wait. So, I’ve donned my uniform and standing by the BatPhone, dressed and ready for action…whenever THAT may be?


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