Word Of The Week

It’s amazing how many new words pop into your vocabulary when you’re expecting to become a dad. And you never know where these words are going to come from.

It’s been such a learning experience and I learned a brand new word the other day…


What a cool word…“infanticide”. I thought, that must be when kids dream of what they want to be when they grow up.

“What are you doing little Johnny?”

“I’m infanticiding about being a Policeman when I grow up.”

“Oh, how cute.”


It’s actually the word used to describe when animals…kill their young.

So, although lions have been raising their families on the Savannah plains of Africa for thousands of years, my wife thinks it better that I no longer get our parental advice from Animal Planet and National Geographic, and just stick to the basics…

Friends, family, The Doctors, Dr. Phil and Kaz Cooke.


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