Painting the Baby’s Womb

Week 34 and with only six weeks left to go ’til we meet our little schnitzel in the flesh (well, technically he’s already in my lovely wife’s flesh), but it’s time to make sure we’ve got everything ready. Which means taking a few hours to paint his womb…


Don’t you mean…”room”?

No. I know what I mean…(and why am I arguing with myself?).

A friend organised a lovely face-paint artist to come and create a mural on the largest blank space we have available at home…my wife’s pregnant belly. Apparently, it’s all the rage. Public hangings, yo-yo’s, iPads and now…belly murals.

Because his actual name is depicted in the design, we’ve had to protect his identity by blurring it out, (in case you were thinking our artist’s parents wasted their money sending her to art school). But all will be revealed once he finally comes out of his womb…ah, room.

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2 thoughts on “Painting the Baby’s Womb

    • Yes, we like to have fun and yes, we’re a bit different but…we’re not Hollywood, new-agey, hippy-type, hip-hoppers so there is no way we would name our child something as strange as Apple…although…”Microsoft” has a bit of a ring to it.

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