Week 28 which officially marks our transition into the 3rd and final trimester.

(Yay! Scary, scary, scary…YAY!!)

And what better way to celebrate, than a journey to the place where parents fear to tread. Where information and innovation overwhelms the senses and empties out the wallets. Where fear, trepidation and 8-foot Bananas roam free. The point of no return…

The Melbourne Baby & Toddler Show

Holy cow! If I thought my earlier visit to the Baby Train superstore was information overload, get the Ajax and the Spray’n’Wipe ready ’cause daddy just exploded!

The latest gadgets, gizmos, safety and advice on how to have kids, what to do with them, how to keep them safe and how to keep them entertained once they’re out. Information on Cord Blood harvesting (did that lady seem a little pale to you and keep avoiding the sunlight?) and even a multi-level Pram obstacle course to test your skills as a potential would-be perambulator-er.

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One interesting thing to notice about the scheduling of events at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, is the particular order of their Expos. Beginning with the Bride & Wedding Expo, closely followed by Sexpo and nine months later, The Baby & Toddler Show. Hmm, I can only surmise there’s a Divorce & Step/Blended Family and/or a Cremation & Coffin Expo somewhere in the works (knock on wood…wait, did that come from inside?)

We also took part in an iPhone App Treasure Hunt especially dedicated to the B & T Show, where we had to find certain things, take pictures or ask questions at certain stands. Which was a really interesting concept that became somewhat annoying and tedious as the hours went by.

You heard correctly…hours!

And thank goodness for mummy, the-human-compass. I got turned around so many times, I’m sure I’d still be there shivering under a make-do shelter of Banana in Pyjama leaves and sucking on experimental baby husks to survive.

All in all, it was an adventure we lived to tell the tale and a few hundred dollars sacrificed on the spoils of war, but it’s an investment in time and money that will definitely all be worth it.


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