LIVE and Kicking!

The Midwives told us we could expect to feel kicking around Week 20.

Today is Week 20 and at 7.51am on this lazy Sunday morning, my beautiful bride takes my hand, places it firmly on her belly and…


Whoa! Right on schedule…

Nothing quite prepares you for the first time you feel your schnitzel/elle kick!

I just hope our schnitzel/elle doesn’t pop out into the world and be like…

“Oh sorry, I thought I had two mothers? What, with the high pitched squeals and all.”

Yes. I squealed like a girl. In one tiny instant, a fully grown man had suddenly become…

Richard Simmons.

That’s how hard it was to contain my excitement.

This makes it all so much more real, people!

I already mentioned there are two things people generally do when they’re excited.

Jumping for joy and peeing their pants.

I’m finished the jumping part…


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