The Oral Approach

Week 15 – Holy cow!

Officially moves us into the…

2nd trimester and a brand new year…2012!

At this point, our little tenant is the size of an avocado. Hopefully without the green bumpy skin (I’ve seen “V”…so no lizard baby, please).

All kinds of things are happening.

Fingernails and toenails are starting to grow, as well as being able to make facial movements, as well as the inner ear bones are starting to harden. Which means, soon I’ll be able to tell if it can hear my jokes and judge their quality by the look on it’s face. Maybe we could install a sunroof in mama’s belly so we can peep straight in. Hmm, better not. In case I get the urge to install an eight-track player to go with it…and that’s just all kinds of uncomfortable.

Eyebrows are starting to form and most amazingly, our tiny baby can do something even I can’t do

Grow hair on it’s head!

But what surprises me the most at this stage in the pregnancy, is just how many trips to the bathroom are required in a single day. Not for her…for me!

I’ve never had to brush my teeth so many times in a single day, (I’m considering buying stock in Colgate!)

But thems the rules.

My arch nemesis…“the dreaded hormones”…have given my love, super-sensitive smell. So, I can’t get within arms length (let alone kissing distance), unless my mouth has been bombarded with mouthwash and toothpaste.

So, my tip for expected Dad’s at Week 15 is to get up close and personal with your new best friend…

The toothbrush!


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