Circle Of Life

So, we’re one week off the elusive 12 week mark, sitting pretty at Week 11.

The bad news for the little lady…she “stars” again in her own dreadful sequel of…

Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sicks!

She at least had one week of reprieve from driving the white porcelain bus, but no escape for her I’m afraid. Like Al Pacino in the Godfather Part III

“Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.”

But that can only mean…things are still on track!

And knowing what’s happening in Inner Space, it’s no wonder she’s feeling sick. At 11 weeks, our baby starts drinking the amniotic fluid and it’s kidneys start to work, filtering it into the bladder which empties itself back out into the amniotic fluid, and thus…the circle of life continues.


I thought Bear Grylls from Man Vs Wild was the only one who drank his own urine…but then again, it is a survival situation after all 🙂

The sex organs start to form as well but at this point, it’s still a crap shoot as to which way they go. And I’m fine, either way…so long as they don’t take a right turn at Albuquerque.


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