Where for art thou?

So, we’re at the 10 week mark, and I’m feeling a sense of distance between us…

About 3231 miles…to be exact!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…but totally worries the shit, out of the mind!

Dorothy is back to Oz (for 4 weeks), while I man the fort in Bali, and move all our stuff into another villa in Seminyak.

Our only communication is through dodgy video Skype chats, with strict instructions to only let me see her…

From the “boobs”, up!…No sneak belly peeks, ’til her return.

Who am I to complain at that suggestion? (Okay…it was my suggestion).

The good news is, the vomit bags on the plane, remain upright in their seated positions.

The bad news is, those blasted hormones have manned a rear counter offensive.

Oh well, out of the frying pan into…(let’s just leave it at that then, shall we?).


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